Salming Performance Technologies

We are the athletes' brand, constantly looking for new ways to play, new demands, and new needs. Old truths often need to be reconsidered, and we are not afraid to break a rule or two if necessary. Good can always be a little bit better. You can always train a little bit harder. But sometimes it is up to the equipment, and that are the occasions we aim at when we develop our gear. Do you play with us or do you dare the risk?

You have an eye for the game; we have an eye for details. A winning combination that has proved successful over and over again since we first entered the game with great visions 10 years ago.



To stabilize and fixate the heel,which is key to providing a great fitand comfort, we have developeda new anatomical Ergo Heel Cupthat is slightly longer than theaverage heel cup.



Torsion Guide SystemThe distance from heel to the ball of the foot (62% of the shoe) has beendesigned with extra stability, which ends in the so-called "ballet" line, a75° angle. In front of the 75° line, we have equipped the shoe with greaterflexibility to stimulate the foot's natural movements. TGS 62/75 takes all ofthe gait cycle criteria into consideration. At the same time, it softensthe strains caused by friction during lateral movements. The shoebends in exactly the right places, stimulating the foot's naturallateral and forward movements.


Rebound Foam

Forefoot rebound energy foam - RE35. 80% betterrebound energy than a regular EVA midsole compound.


Cushioning Foam

Heel cushioning foam - C35, positioned at theheel centre, gives you 70% better shock absorptionthan a regular EVA midsole compound.



A newly developed durable rubber compound withexcellent 25% traction improvement!



The unique asymmetrical X-factor design stabilizes the foot for lateralmovements and reduces pressure at the MTP joints (Metatarsophalangealjoints). It is important to keep the foot stable medio-lateral,avoiding friction and side forces in the soft parts of the foot sole,especially underneath the forefoot. In order to fixate the forefootwithout getting pressure at the MTPs we have developed ahorseshoe shaped "Front foot lacing stabilizer" within theasymmetrical X-Factor design.



The design of the outer sole meets the lateral movements, twists and turnsthat are typical for indoor sports. The SpinZone design - applied in the forefootarea - makes it easier for the forefoot to twist and turn under pressure,avoiding stress on knees and joints.


Template Safety Construction

We use the softer and more flexible TR90 material on the templates to decrease risk for injuries. In addition the templates also have a 2K rubberized area at the ear section for enhanced fit and comfort.


Frame Padding Area

Frame inside is covered with neoprene padding for enhanced comfort and safety reason. Nose bridge is made in rubber material.


Lens Features

Our advanced Polycarbonate lens has many important features. Each lens is equipped with two air ventilation holes to reduce inside lens fog.


Exo Skeleton™

The exo skeleton design stabilizes the foot for lateral movementsand reduces pressure at the MTP joints (Metatarsophalangeal joints).It is important to keep the foot stable medio-lateral, avoiding frictionand side forces in the soft parts of the foot sole, especially underneaththe forefoot.



Lateral Movement Stabilizer- an especially designed lightweight integrated dual torsion unitthat supports the foot during fastand irregular lateral movements.



An increased radius on the innerside of the outer sole, facilitatesrolling the foot inwards and toe pushoff. Reaching for that stop ball insquash or covering a shot infloorball is made easier withthe RollBar™ technology.



Fast lateral stops expose the foot to the risk to roll over outwards, causinginjuries. LMS+ (Lateral Movement Stabilizer Plus) is a unique design with apositive angle of 5° that prevents the foot from rolling over outwards.



The SpeedLite™ midsole is a lightweight performanceEVA compound with long lasting cushioning qualities.


Off Centre Lacing

Asymetrical lacing designed foradded comfort and improved fit.



A functional concept, designed fully for transporting moisture from your skin to the fabrics surface where it will evaporate rapidly. Keeps you comfortable during high performance activities.


V1 Wrap - Around - Design

Offers exceptional fit causing less distraction during the game. Our V1 glasses are available in three sizes 115 mm, 125 mm and 135 mm - it is very important that the player has the right size in order to achieve proper protection and fit.


Maximized Vision

Our wrap-around design uses a 10-base lens for maximized vision, which is of outmost importance for playing performance.


Lens Technologies

A polished lens surface produces reflections when light is incident on the surface, e.g. in the form of artificial lights in a sport arena. Reflections are troublesome to the athlete causing fatigue as well as being irritating to the eye. In order to eliminate these reflections we have added an Anti-Reflective coating to our lens.

Hydrophobic layer repels water, sweat and grease, making the glasses easier to keep clean. Hydrophobic technology allows water to run off your lenses without unwanted water spots. Hydrophobic coating properties also dramatically increase scratch resistance.

Unfortunately no polycarbonate lenses are scratch proof. However our Scratch resistant coating extends the life of the lens preventing the small scratches that occur through day to day handling and cleaning. A scratch free lens of course means clearer vision.